Nutritional services

Menu planning is based on a number of calories, that is, how much you should consume per day.

How do we find this number? It's simple, I need the number of pounds you have now, your height and your age.

After finding out this caloric number, we will start making the menu every week.

The recipes will be varied, we take into account your preferences and the cravings you have during the program "Your best version"!

At the beginning of each week, based on each menu, I will send you a shopping list, ie all the necessary ingredients you can buy to make the tastiest and healthiest recipes.

Monitoring on whatsapp

Specifically, every night you send me pictures of everything you ate that day (absolutely everything). In this way we have the situation under control. Any question related to: ingredients, recipes as well as the shopping list for each menu can be addressed on Whatsapp or even on the personal number. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom meals

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